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Thursday, December 4th, 2008
10:30 am
I recently posted an entry stating I was transitioning after my six-year university course had finishd (I am currently in the first of these years), but I got a lot of responses (to put it lightly) saying it'd be better to do whilst at university (I am at the Royal Veterinary College in London), therefore, can anyone help by telling me how I go about getting testosterone injections? I have very little idea where to start, and I am basically looking for something that will get me on a waiting list to be given psychotherapy (seeing as I know this is a legal requirement in the UK), but I don't know where to look.
Additionally, any ideas on funding, charities or NHS support for transitioning would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
Sunday, November 9th, 2008
2:44 pm
Call for Submissions - Trans folks!
From an e-mail. Please respond in an e-mail to Nicholas, not here. I know nothing beyond what's in this post.

I am in the beginning stages of developing an anthology concerned around the issues Transgender people deal with. It is my hope that this anthology will give a personal account of the many unique challenges the Transgender community must face while trying to actualise their true self. I am looking for short stories of individual that concentrate on many different themes, including:

* The transition from birth sex to actual sex
* Individuals making the transition while in a relationship
* Coming out to family/friends/partners
* Life in rural areas
* Youth
* Transgender people of colour
* Life in college/high school
* Stories from those in relationships with Transgender people

Submissions should range from 1,500-10,000 words. They should be non-fiction and can be both humorous and serious. I am really passionate about getting this project off the ground and I think it can become a really important resource.

Thank you for all of your help.

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008
7:08 pm
An Update
Just an update..

M's law practice has been booming, I've been involved with several group projects at college and doing wonderful.  We did an animal rescue of a young pup and found her a good home a couple of months ago.  And we continue our roadcast live streaming video from the open road whenever we go on trips.

Hope all is wonderful with you and yours.

Saturday, June 28th, 2008
11:21 am
For the first time ever... a friend dragged me off to march in the SF-TransMarch. Wow. I was just astounded how many trans people were there. It was an eye-opening experience, just how many trans people there were. I felt like... not so much as a freak... but like there really was someplace... where I belonged. It was a big paradigm shift for me and something I will not easily forget.

More details in my personal journal, here.

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Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
10:04 am
On becoming a Phoenix
This is excerpted from the most recent issue of the Stranger in a Strange Land newsletter by Eli Gerzon. I found it really inspiring and Eli gave me permission to share it.

First, a phoenix represents rebirth and transformation. ... But like I said, this phoenix was taking its time being reborn! Of course, that's what happens naturally: sometimes we imagine animals breaking through their shells instantly but chickens, for example, take hours and hours to hatch.

After all, it must be exhausting and probably pretty scary too (the chicken may be chicken about becoming a chicken!): they're using muscles they've never really used and entering a world they're never really known. Honestly, that egg has been its home, its very identity and it's been warm and comfortable; it hasn't had to do anything except grow. Only now it's grown so much that it's too big to stay in that shell.

Actually the meaning that most recently came to me was: there's no turning back! To put it positively: the phoenix is exactly where it wants to be and can't go wrong now because of how much it has grown and how hard it's worked to push through its shell and become a phoenix. Now it is so tightly wedged into the opening it created, no matter what movements it makes, that shell is going to crack and break: even if it tries to go back in. Sometimes after working really hard to get somewhere we get scared and might be tempted to turn back and change our minds. But because of the steps it's taken in the past, the direction it's been going, no matter what steps this phoenix takes now are going to result in it emerging from its shell as a glorious phoenix! It's a wonderful, wonderful situation to be in.
All change can be scary: even good changes. ... But in the end maybe it doesn't matter if you're afraid. Maybe it's just whether or not you let yourself change, even if it's slowly and reluctantly, be reborn, and then soar and shine your light on the world, regardless of fear.
Wednesday, May 7th, 2008
1:31 pm
GenderVision: Being Transgender ... Myths & Youth Issues released
07 May 2008
Contact: Nancy Nangeroni, nancy@gendervision.org

New Releases from Gender Education & Media at http://gendervision.org/

Gender Education & Media, Inc. (GEM) has released its second GenderVision program, "Being Transgender … Myths & Youth Issues". This second entry in the ongoing production focuses on the meaning and experience of being Transgender.

GEM has also released a DVD of its first GenderVision program, "Sex & Gender", including a performance by Esther Morris Leidolf of her "Missing Vagina Monologue". The DVD can be purchased at http://www.gendervision.org/ , as well as http://amazon.com/ .

In this second GenderVision program, Gordene O. MacKenzie, PhD, carefully explains the difference between sex and gender, as well as some of the basics of gender identity and expression. Then Nancy and Gordene interview Grace Sterling Stowell, director of BAGLY, the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth. They discuss the services provided by BAGLY, as well as some of the issues that trans youth face. Then Nancy, Grace and Gordene expose some of the most popular myths about Transgender people.

Gordene O. MacKenzie, PhD. is a longtime gender activist and author of "Transgender Nation", who serves as an associate professor and director of the Women's and Gender Studies Program at Merrimack College. Nancy Nangeroni is a longtime Transgender activist, founder of GenderTalk Radio, and current co-chair of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition ( http://masstpc.org/ ). They are also life partners who have been working together on gender education and advocacy since 1998; they co-hosted the renowned GenderTalk radio program ( http://gendertalk.com/ ) for over 9 years. They produce and co-host GenderVision, which is taped at BevCam cable access studio in Beverly, MA.

Gender Education & Media (GEM) is a Beverly, Massachusetts-based non-profit organisation formed to support educational media work promoting inclusive understanding of gender issues.

For more information, please visit http://www.gendervision.org/ .
Monday, April 7th, 2008
10:41 am
Sunday, March 30th, 2008
10:24 am
Q&A with Dr Norman Spack, paediatric endocrinologist
Doctor Spack was my endo, before I started just getting my T from my GP. He's a terrific man and an extremely competent doctor, and one of the leading medical voices on Trans youth in the world.


Q&A with Norman Spack
A doctor helps children change their gender
By Pagan Kennedy
30 March 2008

Dr Norman Spack
(Boston Globe / Erik Jacobs)

CHILDREN HAVE CUT themselves. In some cases, 9- or 10-year-old kids have staged suicide attempts. The little boys sob unless they're allowed to wear dresses. The girls want to be called Luke, Ted, or James.

Their parents, desperate to know what is wrong, go online and type "gender disorder."

And what they find is that, even now, decades after doctors performed the first sex changes in America, there's little help for transgender children.

Even the care of transgender adults remains a medical backwater in the United States; in fact, we do not even know how many people in this country have gone through sex changes, because doctors simply did not bother to keep track of patients. Until recently, children with cross-gender feelings rarely received modern medical care - and certainly not hormone shots. After all, who would allow a child to redesign his or her body?

But in the past few years, some doctors have come to believe that kids should be allowed to have some control over how they grow up. Dr Norman Spack, 64, argues that transgender kids tend to be much happier - and less likely to harm themselves - when they're able to live in their preferred gender role.
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Saturday, September 29th, 2007
11:40 am
Feel like being outraged?
Found the link to this in a friend's journal ( filkertom ), and knew I had to spread the word and share:

Upstate New York High School Forces Girls To Advertise Their Periods

Story link: ]here[

On a personal note... This policy would have gotten me killed, had it been at my high school! I'm from rural Missouri, where the folks are not all that accepting of differences. I am intersexed (which means in this case that I was declared a boy at birth [thankfully, no "corrective" surgery happened], and at age 12 when I had my first period / started developing breasts, I was ordered by family and the school administration [Principal, Vice Principal, Superintendent, and the School Board Members] to not let anyone know! There's more to that struggle, but not pertinent here). So. You think learning to deal with your period is hard, try doing so by having to find a way to change your tampon in the boys' restroom without anyone finding out. In such a rural area, anyone different - even for medical reasons - is "queer" or a "geek" and would have the snot beaten out of them. So no way to sneak the tampons around? I would have quite literally been KILLED. Beaten about the head and shoulders until dead. I had my share of beatings for both being a geek and queer already. This would have put me in the "hunt-the-pansy-down-when-no-one-is-around-after-school-or-at-night" category.

((crossposted all kinds of places))

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Saturday, August 11th, 2007
1:10 am
[News] How Immigration Crackdown Policy Affects Transgender Community
Written by ILENE JONES
Friday, 10 August 2007

ORLANDO (Genderology.com) - A policy meant to crack down on illegal immigration and terrorists will affect the LGBT community as well. Those people who are currently "in transition" will be affected by this policy, making it harder for them to get new jobs without "outing" themselves. Some transgender people who are now post-operative -- have had gender reassignment surgery, also known as genital reconstructive surgery and SRS -- but have not had their gender markers changed will also be affected by this, and other similar policies. These policies do not take into account the trouble that they cause for someone in this unique situation, because the position is not understood by many law makers. The transgender community is beginning to get more "air time" on TV, but very few shows detail the legal issues that a transgender person would have to endure during transition. Because most transgender people choose to live stealth, it has been difficult to bring these issues into the forefront.

This policy will cause the most problems for anyone who is pre-operative and living "full time", and has an employer who sends gender markers to Social Security as part of the verification. These individuals will be flagged, and if they are unable to clear the issue with the Social Security Administration, they will have to out themselves at work or risk loosing their jobs. There are many individuals who are unable to have surgery for medical reasons. These individuals will always be "in transition" as they are unable to complete surgery and the final steps of the process.

An Orlando local writes, "Previously, the Social Security Administration was sending out letters to businesses where employee's name or gender marker on their file weren't matching.

These "No-Match" letters told the company that they had 60 days to fix this information or have the employee update their information. This previously caused transgender employees to be outted at their workplace. A new policy going into effect will require companies to fire employees if they do not fix the information within 90 days. If this policy goes into effect, there will be a lot of unemployed transgender individuals. I've actually received a notice from my employer a few months ago regarding one of these letters from the SSA. I'm definitely seeing this issue popping up again for me in the near future.

While the new policy is meant to find those who have committed identity fraud, it has an inadvertent effect on the LGBT community."

A Seattle local writes: "I am post-op and live in Seattle, and have visited the Social Security Office three times now. The first time I was told I did not have all the paperwork I needed, the second time they flagged my number as fraudulent because I was trying to change the gender on my card. I am still trying to change the marker, by following the policies in place, but I'm getting no cooperation from the office."

The stepped-up enforcement is due to begin in 30 days, and while the companies who knowingly or unwittingly hire illegal immigrants clamor over the change, the silent transgender community quietly cringes at the new problems they now face. Employers and economists worry about the economy and their fiscal futures, without realizing the numbers of people who will be unwittingly affected.


Genderology.com writer ILENE JONES in Orlando contributed to this report.

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Sunday, February 18th, 2007
7:16 pm
A Note of Warning
An Email sent to me
I took out the people's names that the email were written about

Dear antijen,

While this information is probably important to everyone, it might be more prudent for those that have greater things to hide to proactive it more readily.

For the sake of things and because it was her journal that I first found, I'm going to look at the things that I can find out about our "XXXXXX" that likes in philadelphia, pennsylvania. After checking whitepages.com, a free publicly available site, I was able to find records of 16 XXXX XXXX that live in the philadelphia area, and could have in theory found out there addresses and phone numbers for ~$10, that I'm fairly sure does not notify the individuals that someone is acquiring information about them.

After a slight perusal of the LJ, I was able to find the home land line of another TG individual, which for about $16 could have given me her address and XXXXXX's last name.

So I could have quite possibly after spending maybe 30 bucks and about a half an hour, outed 2 people within the Philadelphia area.

Things to remember:

If you're going to include your city, don't include your full name, especially your last name.

If you're going to give things like addresses, phone numbers, and other sorts of contact information you don't want anyone able to find out, either use a different medium than say livejournal or myspace, or create a friends group of the people that you want to tell, and make the post only visible to those people.

The government is required to know of where you live, and there are several inexpensive ways for ordinarily people to be given a last name and a city and find out exactly where you live. A lot of this is a matter of public record and you can't do anything about the fact that people *COULD* do it, just try to not to make it easy for them.

If you need to have a land line and are worried about someone just searching for you through the whitepages, which for most listed lane lines will also give the individual the owners home address, try and talk to the phone company about getting the line unlisted which should take it off those sorts of lists and make it at least cost the individual some money, which would probably stop the vaguely interested as opposed to the crazy fanatic.

There's probably better resources on the net for keeping your identity secret and/or just internet safety, and this is just what I can think of off the top of my head. I'm sure a quick search would reveal more and better information than I could give.

I don't know if you give any advice on doing this, but it probably wouldn't be that hard, and can fairly easily make it harder for someone to find you over the 'net.

I'm just pointing it out, what you do is your responsibility.

Sunday, December 17th, 2006
5:03 pm
US: Ugly Ducklings: scary fairy tale with a happy ending
From http://katebornstein.typepad.com/kate_bornsteins_blog/2006/12/ugly_ducklings_.html

Okay, here are some sobering statistics for ya. They may not be surprising, but the numbers sure scare me.

According to Sexual Information Council of the United States:
41.7% of LGBTQ youth do not feel safe in their school.
28% of queer teens drop out of school annually. That's three times the national average.

And according to 2005 report from Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)
95% of school counselling services have few or no gay, lesbian or bisexual resources. And ...
99% of school counselling services have little or no Transgender resources.

Thank goodness there are national campaigns like Ugly Ducklings, run by Hardy Girls Healthy Women, out there actually doing something about this quiet horror.

A great number of educators and activists agree that the bullying and harassment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, Transgender, queer and questioning students is a systemic issue. It seems to be built right into our schools, because it's the rare school that welcomes queer students and deals effectively with students, faculty and administration who bully or harass them. I recently received in the mail an Ugly Ducklings Community Action Kit. The kit contains not only a frightening effective collection of statistics, gathered from reliable sources; but there are also recommended solutions, gathered from an equal number of trustworthy sources as varied as The National Mental Health Association; The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network; and ReligiousTolerance.org.

Hardy Girls Healthy Women is an organisation based in the town of Waterville, Maine. But they're reaching out across the United States with their Ugly Ducklings program. The name of the program comes from the title of a play by Carolyn Gage. The play is set in a summer camp in Maine, where a group of young girls, their older counsellors, and the camp director deal with homophobia, bullying and harassment.

I've not seen the full production of Ugly Ducklings, but the DVD packaged with the Ugly Ducklings Community Action Kit, contains a documentary about the making of the play. There are scenes from the play, and interviews with the cast and crew. This is good political theatre, way beyond politically correct diatribe. It's emotionally charged, unrelenting, and smart, smart, smart. The young multi-racial cast is excellent. You can see a trailer of the documentary online.

The campaign Ugly Ducklings, according to their mission statement, is "a national campaign to reduce bullying and harassment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, Transgender, and questioning youth." And there's something for everyone in the Community Action Kit. To mention just a few of the many helpful resources:

* A Safe Schools Check List
* An excellent list of definitions
* Ten easy-to-implement practical things educators can do
* Discussion questions for students, educators, and parents
* Advice on coming out
* An in-depth section on youth suicide: causes and ways to help those who are considering suicide
* Youth and adult workshops, as well as workshops for actors
* A satisfyingly rich resource guide
* An interactive DVD with the complete documentary

None of us has enough information on the subject of bullying and harassment, and most of us feel helpless when confronted with the reality of doing something about it. Please contact the fine folks of Hardy Girls Healthy Women. These folks are on the front line, they know what they're talking about, and they deserve our support. Contribute what you can to their great good work. Buy yourself a copy of the Community Action Kit, and get copies into the hands of schools near you. The Ugly Duckling Community Action Kit belongs in the hands of every educator and parent in this country. I can't think of a more appropriate action to take for the holiday season, or for any season you feel like saving lives.
Monday, November 13th, 2006
10:00 am
I just had about enouph of everything, especialy Dana International, her fans, supporters, TS buddie
I just had about enouph of everything, especialy Dana International, her fans, supporters, TS buddies etc... and many other people.... The list of names would would flow down a frew pages if i listed the names...

Dana Interrnational aka Sharon Cohen, i dont think she even care i exist and I think of her almost everyday..., she never thanked me for the things i gave her in the past....i sent her stuff through the post through freinds/fans etc, i dont now for sure if she got it, but trusted my freinds words...but now
Who do i trust anymore?, when people say they would not leave me, do leave and say they get sick and tiered of me... and made a promise they leave... The leave me with no reason...
You know its not my fault I was born in on this rotten planet(Yes i am a mistake, i supposed to be an abortion), and i cant help that i am what i am, and I told them that when they made freinds with me...but still they follow a particular pattern, hell even the TS support in south africa sux and they dont help me.... not even you know come and visit and discuss with my parents which would at least make my life easier(never mind Oyako's promises, her's are exceptional since she was not in south africa, but these others are in south africa) and i can carry on living or have some sparkel just to have some reason to exist... no they dont... too far to travel(they say)... yet they come by once a while pass the little town i am in , without popping in to help me with that...on business galavanting...with the moral..."money is more fucking important than life or anyone else"... people with this attitude should suffer the way i suffer, realy i dont have time with people who have money on the fucking brain. They all can be nice and freindly at first... but drop you because money is more important to them, never the less they forget the skills you have, which can later in time be an asset and help get more of there beloved fucking money...

You know, i am going to stop working on my site, since i have better things to do, no one apreciates it(the one i had online 2 years ago), ... some say they want a new one... but the statistics are low... so sorry to those small minority who want a new site... tuff... i am not building it anymore,it just hurts and pains me...i got better things to do...
What about Dana International... well because she never apreciated me, or even gave me the chance to get to know her... hell all what memories she gives to me when i listen to her music now... is pain... because of the memories i get of freinds who were and are dana fans who just left me.... especialy 3 whome i got close to... hell they say they met Dana... and when they met Dana they left me... and said many bad things about Dana to me , maybe they right i dont know, but what hurts me... is that they left me, maybe Dana saw through them and thats why she gave them a hard time, i realy dont know... I love Dana yes, i do... but her music brings pain and tears to my heart now... it rips it appart, because of the linked memories associated with her songs... i just zipped them up loaded them on DVD and stuffed in a box...like the way you stuffed me in a corner... The Cds that one freind gave to me... the sight of them sitting on my table tears me appart, so put them in a box, in the cupboard, since they are a gift , they staying, its dishonour to give or throw a gift away... hell as i know i get very hurt when people throw or give away my gifts i gave them... so they dont need to worry about that... maybe in a few years time i take them out ... but i just get hurt when i see them..i go mad/crazy from pain inside.

besides freinds trotting away in the mist and never to return, and pain thats associated to Dana's music , i am hurting because i am one big ERROR, BIOLOGICAL MISFUNCTION ETC... even MENTAL DISFUNTION, FAIL TO LOAD FUCKING NORMALITY... you know i find it hard to be normal... to please all of you... with the hurt building and browing it gets harder... harder to comunicate, and harder to show love... worried that what i am about to do will cause the freindship train to derail...
Then its the constant battle, of hormones inside me... since i am not on proper hormones, the effects of the herbals grow weaker as the male organ gets stronger in its hormon production( typical male behaviour pattern) its like a war of women vs men happening inside my own body and mind... its torcher...
Then finding a job is a mission, as things change etc... not just body appearence for the worst slowly... but the polotics in in my country which because i have the wrong skin colour which should be black (BEE crap) ... i cant help it why must I suffer because some old farts gave the black skinned people a hard time before i was spawned(born) into this planet..
realy and being TS on top of the polotics... makes things alot worse...
I realy dont know what to do... well i dont know why i am I am even writing this shit..since more than 90% of the people dont even care about me..anyway...
i am writing this, well because i am hurting, and dont know how to express myself.. and no one ever listens to me or wants to hear me... its kind of like I am screaming and crying at the same time because i am hurting so much and i cannot take it anyomore... its like carring a huge rock like Oblix(asterix cartoon character) carries on his back... but because the load is so heavy, you hurt, and you to hurt to walk any futher, and your muscles cramp to much to put it down,,, and slowly you sink to the ground,knowing the wait of the rock will squash you as you get weaker, and you scream and you cry...even if no one listens... its like that.

This is the poem...I re-wrote...some of you maybe have read old one...who cares anyway...oh the other poem got me trouble with TGSA... i was just expressing my feelings etc... and get pushed further into a corner... well in this case, the ground in the corner.

They don’t know the real me
They never gave me a chance to blossom
But instead pushed me into the dirt
They have moulded me into a cold dark statue
That forever remains, and forever pains
Forever alone for ever to pain forever to bleed
They have made me unbreakable and cold
That stands alone in the dark corner of the world

The life inside me burns away
The hope inside me fades away
The hope for life and success fades away
Like the sun in the sky fading away
Like the life on earth fading away
They steal my life away
They steal my name away
They take my love and hope away

They drag me down on the cold wet floor
They push me in my dark corner
There thoughts pierce like steel in my head
Then sorrow disguised as anger flickers violently
Frustration consumes my mind
The reason of my existence is invalid, non-in void
I search frantically for peace of mind
In the middle of the constant struggle for hope
A torrent of tears rains through endless nights
Trying to wash away the pain

Life in the corner is in a constant blanket of darkness
Where I sit and stare with my wet black hair
At the world, at the people, with my dark eyes
Alone, wet and cold with the life in me dead
The endless rains of tears,
The continuous tearing and ripping of my heart
This side of me cannot be cured
Forever to be scorned, rejected and confined to isolation
Thrown away, used and abused and recycled
To repeat the painful process to infinity.

Forever I will remain in the dark corner
Forever I cry out, longing to be heard,
Longing for acceptance, longing for love
Nevertheless, there is little hope, temporary love and tight hearts, no avail
I only see darkness, hardness and lots of pain
In the portal of the corner is a doorway to a darker world
A world where death becomes your only best friend

What would happen, when I cut deeper into the arms
That the red stuff flows like the red sea
Will I be free, free from the never-ending pain?
Will I fly above the clouds? Will I walk through walls?
Will I be able to travel the world without transport?
Will I still always be forever alone?
Will the pain be forever gone?
Sunday, November 5th, 2006
5:11 pm
Guy Fawkes' Night Ramblings
Yes, as any of you British folk know already, tonight is Guy Fawkes' Night -- for you other folks, here's the answer to "What the hell is Guy Fawkes' Day?!?"

( Some of the Info Under the Cut Copied Shamelessly from WikiPedia )
What the hell is Guy Fawkes' Day?!?Collapse )
Full Guy Fawkes' Night PoemCollapse )

In other news...
This time of year is always hard on me, but I think it's going easier this year. I mean, I've a lot of distraction planned throughout the month, on top of National Novel Writing Month. With my favorite holiday being this month as well, I think I may make it though November without an attempt to, ah... hurt myself, for the first time in... nearly a decade

I think I'll cross post this to a couple of places

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Friday, September 29th, 2006
2:52 pm
US: Seeking Trans Youth for National Board - all expenses paid
This is a call to action for national youth leaders!

The National Youth Advocacy Coalition (NYAC), in collaboration with Project Q of the Milwaukee Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Centre, is forming a youth review board for the National Transgender Education Project.

Attached is an application packet for the Youth Review Board, which is highly self-explanatory. Please forward the packet to your community youth leaders or youth program directors.

This is a national search for youth leaders, who have demonstrated a strong interest in Transgender issues. The board will review materials and evaluate program design in an attempt to create safer spaces within communities for Trans-identified, gender diverse and questioning youth. Any costs associated with participating in this review board will be covered by NYAC. The application deadline is 16 October 2006.

NYAC, founded in 1993, is a social justice organization that advocates for and with young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, Transgender, or questioning (LGBTQ) in an effort to end discrimination against these youth and to ensure their physical and emotional well being.

See application below. Should you have any questions, please contact me at 1800 541 6922, ext. 16.


Isaiah Webster III
Project Coordinator
Training Institute for Youth Health Leadership
National Youth Advocacy Coalition
1638 R Street NW, Suite 300
Washington, D.C. 20009
1202 319 7596, ext. 16
Fax: 1202 319 7365
Read more...Collapse )
Sunday, October 15th, 2006
7:13 pm
Scotland: Catholic Church dismayed at gay appointment

Catholic Church dismayed at gay appointment
ANDREW DENHOLM, Education Correspondent

THE Catholic Church last night expressed dismay over the appointment of a lesbian and gay group to help run Scotland's new anti-bullying service for schools.

Earlier this week the Scottish Executive unveiled plans to extend its anti-bullying provision – which currently focuses on schools – to address the problem in wider society.

The new service will be run by the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) and LGBT Youth Scotland, a national organisation for young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

LGBT Scotland recently published executive-funded research into bullying of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals which found that tackling incidents of homophobia was not seen as a priority by many schools.

One of the report's conclusions said the issue of homophobic bullying should be discussed by pupils in primary schools during so-called circle time, where children talk about their feelings.
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Friday, October 13th, 2006
12:41 am
Tyra Banks - Pre-Op Transsexuals...
Okay, I have a few questions about this show that Tyra is going to do:

Are you a pre-op transsexual who is planning gender reassignment surgery in the coming months? Have you been in contact with medical and mental health professionals who have approved your gender reassignment surgery? Are you currently preparing for the operation, and anxious to talk to others, face-to-face, who have already been through the surgery? As you prepare for your gender reassignment surgery, do you have a message for your family, friends, or other members of society? Do you have a loved one who is about to undergo gender reassignment surgery, and you want to reassure them and offer your support? If you or someone you know is about to undergo gender reassignment surgery, and you would like to share your story with Tyra.

Okay, a few questions here:

  • Why would someone who is pre-op out themselves?
  • Do they realize the danger they are putting the pre-op people on their show in?
    • Financially -- they could loose their jobs
    • Emotionally -- they're being outed and have a huge chance of being harrassed if they're recognised
    • Physically -- harrassment could turn violent
  • Do they realize that if the Doctors decide to come onto the show (if they're spotlighting the doctors who perform the surgeries), that could put those doctors onto the mental lists of fanatics which could cause them harrassment, or their patients harrassment or harm
  • Do they realize that while trying to do something good, by making people aware of transsexuals, they are also doing a disservice to the transsexuals themselves because once they transition, MOST just want to lead normal lives, and leave the transition behind them?
Now I'm not trying to knock what she's doing... I mean, in a lot of ways, it could be a good thing. But there are so many ways that a good thing can be turned bad, and really, that's my fear... Thoughts? Opinions?

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Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
10:41 am
The doctors are shitty in Eshowe
I have been having a rough time, trying to get proper hormones, well
I went to the hospital with the letter from my doctor, and i met the hospital doctor, who was going to or should have given me my prescription, but I waited for an hour, then he came back saying he cannot give me my medication. He asked if i still had my male thing, i cant lie, well i should have... but he might have asked me to strip..:-/
so I told him the truth and he said he cannot give me the pills unless i had my op,..
I told him bullshit... i know 2 people like myself in this country who have been on these pills before there op, like Tina for example...
Well he said the policy has change, and its illegal what i am doing, and i can end up in jail! also he said what i am doing is wrong, and i will still have the male ID digit on my ID even after the op which is lies because Tina and Enya have the female ID digit... I was so out of words, my heart pounded... and i tried not to cry or burst my frustration and anger on him or myself... which would resulted in a situation which the people know on the Dana lists...

So i dismissed him apologising him for waisting my time... since i should have been studying and working on the graphic I am working on...
So I went home, and thaught I must phone Enya for some advice or she can speak with the doctor somehow, since she has better background on treatment in my country and such... I phoned, she was not available, so left a message... then i thaught maybe i phone the work , she not there, forgot she was on a business trip... well i was suprised that she has a new employee answering the phones, kind of made me a bit upset...and thust thaught, anyway.. well wished the employee well, and thaught of another plan. I phoned the owner of www.genderdynamix.co.za the site which i cant seem to log in..like my music account for myspace.com to upload my music for some minor publicity.. well I phoned her up and asked her for some advice and she said she will help me but she can only contact my GP next week because he has also gone on a trip... but i hope he checks his emails....
So i am very angree and frustrated... in fact pissed off at the doctor at the hospital, and I hope he gets that TB... as the mutant TB case just arrived in Eshowe this afternoon, so i missed it, thank heavens..Know one else knows since its all hushed so people dont pannick.I am getting my mask tomorrow. I will confirm with the Zululand University chap who met me on www.justincase.co.za profile listings who works for bio-genetics department to see how serious this new TB realy is... since the news papers say its like SARS , no worse, like airborne AIDs...

Well I see a big battle ahead of me and for the Transsexuals in the Natal region of South Africa....I wish i was still at the Cape region , working for Enya...i would have had a 70% chance if i stayed with her that i would be on proper pills., anyway shit happens...

I have a copy of the letter which was from my GP to hospital doc here:
Dear Doctor
Danielle Lamb is a Transsexual
who asks to be given oestrogen
replacement therapy as he(the doc did not write she) cannot afford to purchase this.
Would you consider writing up these for him?
many regards
Doctor Balbassini...

So i my GP does not refere me as she and her... why? will he only call me proper pronouns after my SRS ? which is still a long way ahead...??

anyway this is a big battel...and its bullshit i have to fight against.
Friday, August 18th, 2006
9:13 am
"I know who I am. No one else knows who I am. If I was a giraffe, and someone said I was a snake, I'd think, no, actually I'm a giraffe." --Richard Gere
Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
12:37 am
Been here lately?
Many of you know that I work fairly heavily on websites, because well... that's my obsession. Now that the formalities are out of the way :) I'd like you to please take a look at http://www.genderology.com and let me know what you think of the new layout. I've been working on this site for the last 2 years off and on, and have been doing A LOT of updates over the last 2 weeks, getting the providers/surgeons updated, and such...

What I am looking for from you is just a look at the look and feel.
  • Does it feel like a professional search engine to you?
  • Does it feel like I should do something else to make it more accessable?
  • What do you think of the choice and placement of the advertisements (being a user of the internet)...
  • What do you think of the advertisers that I've selected?

Anyway, if you could take a look and give me some feedback, I would very much appreciate it. Also, if you know of any service providers that I'm missing -- please feel free to add them in! I would like to make this a true national directory. There are a few out there, but tgcrossroads -- the largest one that I know of -- is only geared for the midwest, for example. Everyone has their own small area. What I am trying to do is collect the information and make this site, the national site that is really needed for this community.

Thanks in advance!

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